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Logo’s are the face of your brand whether they are modern in style or classical. It is you who needs to decide first that which form of Logo style goes with your brand personality. Both the styles of Logo design has their respective Pros and cons which you need to handle. You need to take your time while making a choice among these two themes. Every thing in this universe has their respective Pros and Cons. So its up to you that how you use it.

So Lets explore the Pros of Modern Style provided by best custom logo design company:-

1) Modern Logos (pros) Up to date:- With the use of Modern logo styles you will be making a loud and clear statement to your audience that your brand believes up to date thinking and holds cutting edge, modern age thinking.

2) Find New Customers:- Modern Logos are the best tools in finding new customers for your business. Now if you are in a process of re branding your business then modern Logos can do miracle for your business by helping you to find new customers for your business. All of a sudden you can easily come in to the radar of the young generation to promote your brand.

Now lets get in to the Areas of Cons Of Modern Logo:-

1) Confusing:- Some modern styles of logo are very difficult to understand that what services does a business provides and hence it creates a great confusion in the mind of your viewers. In the long run it can cost you to loose your potential customers of your business.

2) Short Life Span:- Modern logo’s have a considerable amount of short life span which can cost dearly later. Due to continuous updation of your logo you are making life harder for your customer. As it becomes very difficult for your customers to recognize your brand clearly. It can cost your prospective clients later. Frequent changes in Logo Design can make you to loose your business at a considerable extent in the long run.

After these style of Logo design lets see what are the Pros & cons of Classic Logo

1)They Last:- Some of the most Renowned businesses in the world use these style of logo as they are very simple to understand and easy recognizable. Using these sort of style indicates that the business is going to stay for a long period of time in the market.

2) Easily Accessible:- The business services can be easily understandable using these logo. They can be easily recognized by your clients.

3) Easy to replicate:- Old school classic cheap company logo design is very easy to reproduce on a multiple media than fancier modern Logos. It can save you from hassles & from loosing time when it comes to brochure printing and visiting card printing.

Now lets explore some of the Cons of Classic Logo

1) Can Look Outdated:- These style of Logo is very old looking hence cannot be able to compete properly with the changing trends. So it is very essential to use as per the requirement.

2) Less Attention Grabbing:- These type of Logo cannot able to grab much attention of the customers for a longer period of time.


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